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Webinar – A Call for Action on Sustainability Reporting Standards

Watch now

Watch the recording of this hour-long webinar in either English or French.

The Independent Review Committee on Standard Setting in Canada believes a Canadian sustainability standards board is needed.

Why is this, and what does it mean when an International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) is also being established?

Why watch

Watch our webinar to understand:

  • Why the Committee believes Canada needs its own board in addition to the ISSB
  • How the Canadian board would serve our country’s diverse economic make up – from big publicly listed companies to small private enterprises, not-for-profits, and the public sector
  • Why your feedback via our Consultation Paper is instrumental to the future of sustainability reporting and assurance

How to prepare

Make sure you review the Consultation Paper before watching and submit your responses to the Committee’s key matters and recommendations by March 31, 2022.

Watch the webinar, The future of accounting and auditing standard setting (and yes, that means sustainability too), for a breakdown on the basics of what the Independent Review Committee on Standard Setting in Canada is thinking when it comes to accounting and auditing standard setting, as well as what might be needed for the future,

Whom you’ll hear from

Michael Jantzi

Michael Jantzi, Member